For Sale is up for sale. 

The idea behind the site was to promote any event the had a “motor” in it. So planes, train, bikes, cars, and boats etc.  

It does have advertising space in the Banner. All other events on the calendar are for free.

It has space for blogging. The idea is that junior journalists could blog, for free, events that they attended.

It has a donate page to Paypal if anyone is willing to part with a few rands. No one has actually done this.

It has an events submission page which needs a bit of work.

There is a Twitter account linked to 191 followers.

There is an FB Page with 616 likes.

It is tracked with Google Analytics.  621 users last seven days. 

I followed and like as many pages as possible. I subscribed to as many emails I could find.  These events are then posted to the site. I cross-posted the events to other groups and pages to promote the calendar, usually the events of the coming week. 

The WordPress site costs R49.00 per month and is hosted with Paradigm Solutions.

 It uses the free version of the calendar for WordPress. 

The site cost me about R8000.00 created by BinaryMeans. I have invoices somewhere. The domain is registered to me. 

Reason for selling.

I do not have the time to do the site justice and I sure it could earn as an extra revenue stream. It was updated in my free time.

I’m not a journalist or publisher and the site was largely as an exercise for me to understand the Social Media arena. 

Looking for R23 000.00 to cover costs thus far. Highly Negotiable and open to offers.  You could write this off to tax. I can issue a company Tax Invoice, I do not have a VAT no. 

You are the first person I’m offering this too and I believe your business is most suited to carry it forward.  

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Submitting an Event

We’ve added the ability to submitting an event on themotoringcalendar. It is simple and easy.

Firstly, click the “Post Your Event” button below.

Alternatively, on the calendar page, click “Post Your Event” button.


The event submission form will pop up.

Fill in the details, agree to our privacy policy and click the “Submit Event” button. Please note that some of the fields are required.

After submission, your event will be reviewed by an administrator and approved before it appears on the calendar.

Let us know what you think.



Thanks and enjoy a good weekend motoring. DRIVE SAFELY

Thanks everyone , who has so far liked this page. The FB and twitter account is only part of the scheme, is where it all comes together or where it starts. Please could you all invite a few friend to visit the calendar and see what happening there. Still early day certain bugs needs to be fixed. We’ll do that funds permitting. Thanks again and enjoy a good weekend motoring. DRIVE SAFELY

The Motoring Calendar

Afternoon All

Slowly getting to grips with Word Press and  the Timely calendar.

Sending out mails to all the Motor Clubs I can find.

Added all the Pretoria Old Motor Club events.

Send me any Motoring Event you know of, I’ll gladly add it.

If it involves Cars, Bikes, Boats, planes, trains anything with an engine, I want to know about it.